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F A Q    Frequently asked  questions       
  Do  I need an appraisal ?

Yes If - your vehicle is used only for recreational use
Yes If-  the vehicle may be a family heirloom
Yes If- your vehicle has been modified
Yes If-the vehicle for some reason is above  book value
Yes If - your vehicle is not on the road and insured yet
Yes If- you want appraised value  classification  19 A  in Ontario

What do I appraise

Classic automobiles
Motor Homes
Snow mobiles

Race Cars

What if my vehicle is stolen ?

someone that is unbiased has to place a value on your vehicle. 
 that person should have many years of automotive experience
and be able to describe your vehicle to the
insurance company in a manner that they will under stand,
pictures along with a complete description are a big help here, but the appraisal has to be done  before the vehicle is stolen 

Services  Offered ?

you will be presented with a five page computer generated comprehensive evaluation  of your vehicle 
                                       we keep a copy and you will be receive two copies one will be given to your insurance company  and one                                          
kept in your possession

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